ISO/IEC17025:2017 Accredited (NABL- India)
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Archercal Private Limited.
212, Linkway Estate , Malad Link Road , Malad (W) , Mumbai – 400064 , Maharashtra , India.
+91 75066 72792

Archercal Private Limited.
B/103, Tanvi Complex, Tanvis Tanishka Industrial Estate, S.V. Road, Nr. HP Pretrol Pump, Dahisar (East), Mumbai - 400068., Maharashtra, India.
+91 98215 96569

This one is critical engineering parameters as our life is completely dependent on electricity in today’s era. Measurements of the many quantities such as current, voltage by which the behaviour of electricity is characterized and such measurements are of great economic importance because of their impact upon industrial, commercial, and scientific activities. Hence we need to ensure that every electro-technical measuring instruments is working at its peak performance with accuracy. This necessitates the calibration of electrical measuring instruments.

Archercal offering covers calibration of portable electrical instrument to fixed electrical equipment and energy performance solutions wherein we can measure and calibrate the parameters such as resistance, current, voltage, power, frequency, capacitance, Inductance, power and energy etc. This enables professionals to test the reliability, safety and effectiveness of devices, equipment and processes in their respective field.

Our Electro-Technical Calibration Scope
Instrument Range
Multimeterup to 4 ½ DMM V,I,R,C, Hz, °C
Portable Process calibrators/Universal Calibrators V,I,R, Temp.
AC/DC Voltmeter/Ammeter 0 to 1000 V , 0 to 10 A
Energy Meter 1 -ph/3 - ph Energy meters
Stop watch/ Time interval meter/Timer Upto 24 hrs
Clamp on meter/Tong Testers V,I,R,C,
Temperature Indicator/Controller -- By Electrical Simulation RTD/TC type
Temperature Loggers -- By Electrical Simulation RTD/TC type