ISO/IEC17025:2017 Accredited (NABL- India)
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Archercal Private Limited.
212, Linkway Estate , Malad Link Road , Malad (W) , Mumbai – 400064 , Maharashtra , India.
+91 75066 72792

Archercal Private Limited.
B/103, Tanvi Complex, Tanvis Tanishka Industrial Estate, S.V. Road, Nr. HP Pretrol Pump, Dahisar (East), Mumbai - 400068., Maharashtra, India.
+91 98215 96569

For the most of the people, Heating, Ventilation and Cooling will account for as much as half of the energy they use. But in pharmaceutical industry, maintenance of quality of products is of great importance, as this field deals with drugs which directly affect the human body. Hence, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is an extremely vital concern, which helps to enhance and maintain the quality of drug products which majorly impacted by the air ventilation quality.

So it is up-most important to ensure the optimum quality of air environment as directed by regulatory authorities within the factory by way of HVAC Validation.

Archercal Calibrations equipped to evaluated various parameters under HVAC Validation system which includes air flow pattern, air flow velocity, air changes per hour, filter leak test, particle count, viable monitoring, filter integrity test, pressure difference, recovery test for temperature and humidity, temperature and humidity uniformity, and fresh air determination.

HVAC validation
HVAC Validation Scope of offering
HVAC Validation
  • Air Flow Velocity Measurement Test
  • Air Flow Pattern Test
  • Air Borne Particle Count Test
  • HEAP Filter Integrity/ PAO Test
  • Temperature & Relative Humidity Mapping
  • Light Intensity Test
  • Noise/ Sound Level Test
  • Recovery Test
Compressed Air Validation
  • Non-Viable Particle Count Test
  • Dew Point Test
  • Oil Mist Test
  • Water Vapour / Moisture Test
Steam Quality Test
  • Superheated Temperature Test
  • Non Condensable Gases Test
  • Dryness Value Test