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In this category, various product and process measuring instruments requires regular care and maintenance so that their working life and efficiency can be increased, and the cost of operation, which includes unnecessary breakdowns and spares, can be reduced.

In Mechanical Field, measuring instruments and gauges are categories in sub fields like Pressure, Mass & Volume, Torque, Force, Dimensional, etc. and are used to measure various parameters such as length & angle, pressure, weighing, volumetric, Torque, Force, Hardness, Density, Sound, and Vibrationetc. There are many instruments, tools and gauges which are used on a daily basis for measurement, fault finding, wear down and to ascertain the quality of final products.

We have compiled a list of various measuring tools, instruments and gauges we sub grouped under Mechanical field and for which we have wider range of calibration offering-

Our Mechanical Calibration Scope
A). Dimensional
Instrument Range
VernierCaliper (Digital/ Dial)Upto 1000mm / 0.01 mm
Vernier Depth GaugeUpto 300/ 0.02 mm
Vernier Height Gauge upto 600 / 0.02 mm
External Micrometerup to 1000 mm/ 0.001 mm
Micrometer Setting Standardup to 500 mm
Inside MicrometerUp to 1000 mm/ 0,01 mm
Depth MicrometerUpto 300/ 0.001 mm
Lever Dial Upto 1 mm / 0.002 mm
Plunger Dial up to 50 / 0.001 mm
Bore Gauge up to 500 mm
Pistol Caliper0 - 50 mm
Bevel Protractor / Combination Set150 / 300 mm and Angle
Dial Thickness Gauge up to 30 mm / 0.001 mm
Feeler Gauge Short / Long
Pin Gauge 0.1 to 20 mm
Thickness Foil Up to 2 mm
Dial Snap Gauge Up to 250 mm
Cylindrical Setting Master Up to 100 mm
Three Point MicrometerUp to 150 mm
Coating Thickness Gauge Up to 1.50 mm
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Upto 200 mm
Radius Gauge Up to 25 mm
Thread Pitch Gauge 0.17 to 6.35 mm
Taper Scale Upto 15 mm
Test Sieves0.032 to 125 mm
Measuring Tape Up to 30 Mtr
Pie Tape Upto 1500 mm
Measuring Scale Upto 1000 mm
Spirit Level 0 ± 0.20 / 0.010 mm/m
Slip Gauge / Length Bar / Long Slip Gauge ( for 0 , I, II ) Up to 100 mm
Plug Gauge Up to 300 mm
Snap Gauge Up to 300 mm
Ring GaugeUp to 300 mm
Thread Plug Gauge ( For GO & NO GO )Up to 100 mm
Thread Ring Gauge ( For GO or NOGO )Up to 100 mm
Taper Thread Plug Gauge Up to 100 mm
Rubber Hardness Tester (Durometer)0 to 100 Shore A & D
Wobble Meter--
Torque Wrench Up to 2000 Nm
B). Pressure & Vacuum
Instrument Range
Analogue/ Digital Vacuum Gauge0 to (-) 0.98 bar
Analogue/ Digital Pressure GaugeUpto 1000 bar
Pressure Transmitter / Switch/ Recorder - 0.98 bar to 1000 bar
Compound Gauges - 0.98 bar to 100 bar
Magnehelic GaugesUpto 2000 mmWC
Differential Pressure Transmitter/ SwitchUpto 2000 mmWC
Barometer0.06 to 1 bar (abs)
Absolute pressure Indicator/ Gauge/ Transmitter/ Switch1 to 35 bar (abs)
C). Mass
Instrument Range
Weight Set (Class E1 and courser)1 mg to 200 g
Loose weights ( Class E2 and courser)500 g to 5 kg
Loose weights ( Class F1 and courser)500 g to 20 kg
Ultra Micro - Balance ( d = 0.1 µg)1 mg to 20 g
Micro Balance ( d= 1µg)1 mg to 200 g
Analytical Balnce ( d=0.01 mg / 0.1 mg)1 mg to 200 g
Precision Balance ( d = 1 mg / 10 mg)Capacity upto 600 kg
Industrial Balance / Ordinary Balance ( d = 50 mg & bove )Capacity upto 600 kg
D). Volume
Instrument Range
Micropipette (Fixed/ Multichannel Volume)1 µl to 10000 µl
Glass Wares - Pipette/burette/Flask/Cylinder/Bottle/Jar/Can etc. (Fixed/ Variable Volume)1ml to 500 ml
Instrument Range
pH Meter1 to 14 pH
Conductivity Meter1 µs to 100 µs
ORP Meter1 mv to 1000 mV
TDS Meterupto 999 ppm
F). Speed, Acceleration, Acoustic
Instrument Range
Tachometer - Non -Contact type10 to 90000 rpm
Tachometer - Contact type12 to 5000 rpm
Centrifuge Machine -- rpm measurement 10 to 20000 rpm
Vibration Meter/ Air Velocity meter, Anemometer0.5 m/s2 to 30 m/s2
Sound Level Meter 40 B to 130 dB @ 1 KHz